The Style


'TAISUDO' is a modern, freestyle form of Karate. It is a striking art that comprises mainly of punches, kicks, blocks, elbows, and other open-handed strikes. Based upon a combination other martial-arts including Korean kickboxing, regular boxing, and the Malaysian style Tukido. By learning the art of Taisudo, you will develop the punching, footwork and upper body movement of boxing; the dynamic kicking of karate; and the combinations of kickboxing. As you develop through the ranks of Taisudo, you will learn the self-defence and sporting aspects of the art, as well as benefit from the fitness element that comes naturally through your training.


The story of Taisudo is an interesting one. The style at one time was called Jintian-Do, and was headed up by two senior instructors; Master Rob Alnwick, and Master Ray Bilcliffe. Both of these two great martial artists have played a big part in the development of freestyle-orientated karate systems within the North East of England. Originally, Jintian-Do was founded in the early 1980's, however, due to a split between Alnwick and Bilcliffe, there were two Jintian-Do associations formed, namely the British Jintian-Do Association (Bilcliffe) and Jintian-Do Freestyle (Alnwick). Due to the confusion with the names, in roughly 1988, Master Alnwick decided to rename his Jintian-Do Freestyle association to Taisudo Freestyle Korean Karate & Kickboxing. The style of Taisudo remained active with around 30 clubs throughout the region. At some time during the early 2000's, Master Alnwick handed over the association to one of his senior instructors, Brain Miller, in order for Alnwick to concentrate on his son's professional football careers (pro goalkeepers Ben and Jak Alnwick). Unfortunately, as is rife within the martial-arts industry, and like many successful martial arts associations, a number of splits within the organisation created a number of off-shoot clubs & groups, and by the mid-2000's the Taisudo association ceased when the remaining instructors either retired, or were absorbed by other martial-arts groups.

The Present

Today, June 2016, the first Taisudo club was relaunched at the NE6 Suite, in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne. The Club, headed up by kickboxing promoter and long-time Taisudo practitioner, David Weild, 2nd Dan. is the first of what will hopefully be the birth of another successful Taisudo association. 


Every class is tailored to ensure that students are taught not only the Taisudo syllabus, but also provide an enjoyable experience for students. 

Classes always consist of: pre-warm-up, thorough stretching routine, functional strengthening exercises, technique training, sparring or pad work, cool-down routine

David Weild, 2nd Dan



Kickboxing promoter and long-time Taisudo student, David, is chairman of the British Taisudo Association, and regional Director for the World Kickboxing Association governing body. David teaches at the Walker and Wallsend clubs, as well as handles the day-to-day operations of the association. 

Josh Brown, 1st Dan



Professional fitness coach and personal trainer, Josh is the lead instructor at the Wallsend club. Specialising in fitness & conditioning, Josh provides a unique and varied training regimen to the Wallsend Taisudo club, as well as being an invaluable asset to the Taisudo fight teams. 

Keith Middleton, 4th Dan


With over 40 years experience within martial-arts, Keith is the chief instructor of South Tyneside Chi-Do martial-arts, an allied-association to Taisudo. With a wealth of experience, Keith provides an impartial, third-party assessment of all candidates taking their grading.